Generating Simple solutions from Complex systems

Our Vision is to bridge the gap between Ideas, Humans and Machines

What do we do?

ON-IQ Solutions provides software development consultancy services with its core competencies within Machine learning, Image/Video analysis, Computer Vision.
We help you in all stages of development from planning, setting up infrastructure, backend and frontend development to system integrations.

In combination with simple to complex system development, we help organisations and businesses to integrate Machine learning in their processes from idea generation to validation through Proof of Concepts and final integration production systems.

We therefore adapt to different methods of planning and development mentioned below, for you to evaluate and test how your organisation can smoothly take the next step in to decisions based on real Insights.

ON-IQ Vision

ON-IQ Vision is a trademark under ON-IQ Solutions for its unique data driven device for generating deep insights.

We believe in practical rather than academic results, with the ambition to make Machine-Learning ‘plug and play’ to add real value to businesses and transforming organizations of any size.

Read more about for how your organisation can harness the opportunity to transform complex ideas and systems into simple solutions and be competetive. Plug and Play

Ideas is a basic ingredient in development but is not self-sufficient when it comes to implementation and usage. Organisation needs to evaluate the aspects where it can reach to see viabilty and scalability of the idea.

Competitiveness is crucial part of the planning att all levels and finally to reach to production phase. It is to keep in mind for simple to complex solutions to adapt method which can give competetive edge and save real bulky costs for organisations. Plug and play compute device can help you get strategic decisions and reduces development costs. Platform.

Values In combination to develop a software, ON-IQ Solutions never forgets to add value to your current system for organisational growth. It is thus a continous process to create a optimized and scalable business which helps create competitiveness.

Results Agility of ideas can go a long way when combined with results and can help you get the simple first step. We focus on scalable and sustainable development and solutions.

What works best for you?

It is important to start the project right from the begininng, below have we described our different stages for sucessful start or support where you need the most.

Proof of Concept(POC)

Do you have an idea and want to test the viability? Don't worry we will do all kinds of reality check.

Its the stage where you can see whether idea will transform into reality.


It is a knowledge phase where you get to learn the use, implementaion and viabilty of systems and softwares.

It helps to evaluate the current systems and their impact on productivity of the organisation.

Agile Development

After workshop together we will formulate different solutions for the most positive impact on the organisation.

We will together learn and focus on the practical method to maximize results.