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Welcome to ON-IQ Vision ​

Your computer vision and AI partner in tech. We partner to help build innovative systems and creative solutions, leveraging the state of the art technology. ​

What is Computer vision? Computer vision is the scientific field focused on enabling computers to perceive visual information.
Vision is the sense we rely on for numerous tasks, including reading, sorting, and measuring.
What is Artificiell intelligence? With AI and machine learning technology, we can assist in delegating repetitive tasks to machines.
We are here for you, take the next step in automation and digitalization with our assistance.Let us help you!
We help thoughout the entire proccess of integrating AI into your products.

Our focus is to provide expertise and be a reliable technological partner in the AI integration process and support while minimizing risks and uncertainties.

Learn & enhance

We all know the great effects of learning by doing. Our courses offer a combination of theory and practical application, allowing to enhance inhouse competence and develop specialized skills in AI and computer vision


Ideas to reality

To make this possible, workshops and brainstorming exercises are essential steps in the early stages of AI software development to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned, objectives are clear, and potential challenges are identified.

Discuss your case

Product development

Develop a minimum viable product(MVP) to integrate and validate AI in your processes. Minimal viable product provides foundation for you to start testing and validating before fully integrating AI in your business processes.


DevOps & integration

We provide, DevOps hosting and support services for already mature products. CI/CD pipelines and robust security measures are necessary to unlock your organization’s potential with cloud migration and scalability solutions. Partner with us for transformative DevOps journey.

With a dedicated team of experts and our partner network, we bring in competence to enhance your organization's efficiency, whether you are looking to optimize processes through automation, or explore the potential of computer vision, ON-IQ Vision is here to guide you every step of the way.
We understand that each business is unique, and our method is always customized to meet your specific needs and goals. ​

Some of our customers

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