Some of our projects in the field of machine learning, image analysis and computer vision.

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3D technology for body measurements through camera images

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Application of 3D technology for body measurements through camera images is gaining traction in various industries, particularly in the fields of fashion, health, and fitness. Our state of the art technology enables accurate and detailed measurements of the human body using images captured by the cameras on an normal smartphone.

Machine learning algorithms are then applied to identify key anatomical landmarks from the images, allowing for precise measurements of different body dimensions. The approach encompasses an in-depth analysis of pre-existing trained models and the integration of these models to formulate a cohesive solution. It involved a thorough integration of existing models and a strategic combination of using 3d conversion of the image to enhance the effectiveness of the mobile application.

Applications of 3D body measurement technology:

Responsive image Customized Apparel and Fashion Tailors and clothing retailers can use this technology to provide personalized sizing recommendations and offer made-to-measure clothing.

Responsive image Fitness Tracking Health and fitness applications can leverage 3D body measurements for tracking changes in body composition, assessing fitness progress, and setting personalized fitness goals

Responsive image Medical Applications In healthcare, 3D body measurements can be utilized for monitoring changes in patients' body dimensions, such as in orthopedics or prosthetics.

Responsive image Virtual Try-On Users can virtually try on clothing or accessories before making a purchase, enhancing the online shopping experience.