ON-IQ offers solutions in all stages of implementing Machine Learning and Computer Vision in your organization. To explore different opportunities in business results to many different challenges. Here are certain situation to start with longterm development-


Have a use case that you think is suited for an ML approch? In our workshop togther we will formulate the problem and what benefits it may give to solve it. After understanding the issuesyou will learn about the leading edge technologies to solve it. If needed we will also make a sprint plan for the next stage, the Proof of Concept (PoC).

Proof of concept

Its the stage where you have identified the problem or have an idea you want to test and implement. You will be attended by our talented team of consultants to understand the requirements to deliver Success!


The next best step is how to design and deploy the solution being tested in the PoC. Infrastructure and software that is built and tested in line with best practices.


Maintain services and infrastructure, retain and refine models based on new data.