Delta Vision


Delta Vision is a platform uses Edge Compute Camera Sensor ( ECCS ) an in-buit computer ecosystem) to extract meaningful data from the camera video stream. It is for making cameras/sensors smarter and faster for image/video analytics with a approach to save cost and time.

Our method overview : The software allows you to add analytics and other applications and parameters to meet specific requirements.It is the solution where predictive and other analytics are presented without saving images/videos to extract meaningful data on the cloud.


It implements realtime image and video analytics devloped with edge compute and run on local server has certainly of huge advantage:
  • It reduces Bandwidth
  • It is secured with our own pipeline infrastructure and not saving personal information and images
  • It saves the cost to saving images and videos in cloud
  • Simple to integrate with Cameras/sensor already in-use

Our approach is to optimize the machine learning as much as possible as not for one but sending hundreds and thousands of images and videos but running a smart system to decrease processing costs, lower bandwidth, increase the speed, reduces the server cost, fastens analytical results.

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