Today intelligent transport is a need to use Machine learning based analytics and techniques which can be useful in many ways to improve business growth and innovations.

Our platform which can get connect to the IP Cameras and process the images and videos to perform preffered analytics such as Passengers journey from check-in to Take off, predicting better layout and passsage for stores , giving faster updation of passengers arrival time, change in departure directly to their mobiles, Queue management etc.

Car parking analytics and result -
Today many are just connecting the sensors and cameras and processing millions of images directly on cloud which is far too risky and especially when you are also running machine based analysis and algorithms for optimising the results. We therefore provide a solution after our research through our platform device which is just connected to your IP camera and gives the data point based result faster on your app/mobile/userdevice without saving the personal information and images. However which also saves the cost from the company perspective instead of saving and processing on the cloud.
Our expertise in making models work smarter and faster , which is our first priority as to make it secured and cost efficient at the same time.

For specific case of your organisation, let us help you ! Read more about our embedded platform ON-IQ Vision Platform