Retail Analytics

Retail Industry is gaining huge advantage from technology and data driven ideas to transform and grow as a whole. It is improving widely to gain the level of knowledge in customer patterns, efforts to knowing their customers better, improving operational efficiency to what to produce and which in turn is resulting in change of overall buying experience. With our platform and expertise in implementing new ideas and information into actionable analytical results. It is not only customers but retailers , operational department, designers , garment purchaser, supplychain can get behavioural insights into measurable data.

Th goal can be to give them real time analytics on people in the store without sharing personal information. Our image analytic platform device can directly connect to camera/sensor to do surveillance and give you real time data. We have developed the machine learning based function where customer can choose there own parameters which they want to know and extract data for actionable results.

For specific case of your organisation, let us help you ! Read more about our embedded platform ON-IQ Vision Platform