Visual tracking

Computer vision can be beneficial both for customers and consumers whether it’s in FASHION, MANUFACTURING, FOOD AND CONSUMER SERVICES for security, product placement, consumer purchase analysis, logistics, and in other areas for insights and development and optimization.

It can help with automating mundane tasks such as doing inventory, and in the process gather more accurate data for your business, providing additional insights.

In this use case with the help of machine learning we are optimising product placement, storage, inventory and minimizing product wastage. The data can be used to provide real-time insight on how products are selling, what steps a retailer can take to boost that sales pace, stock replenishment and how products are performing against a competitor’s product.

One of the many examples of the incredible advantages artificial intelligence and machine learning have to offer can be illustrated in fashion industry.

To improve their consumer’s experience and create an increasingly personalized and bespoke service, brands can now count on increasingly high-performance mathematical models capably of analysing images, identifying patterns, determining trends and guiding customers to the product most likely to fit and choose.