Analyse Human activity

Highlights of the cases-

Use case
To monitor some features from human behaviour in case of injury, surveillance, improvement in the player and many more

We used DeepCut approach,a bottom-up approach for multi-person human pose estimation. The authors approached the task by defining the following problems: Produce a set of D body part candidates.This set represents all possible locations of body parts for every person in the image. Select a subset of body parts from the above set of body part.

Pose Estimation has many applications, some of which are listed below.

  • Activity Recognition
  • Tracking the variations in the pose of a person over a period of time can also be used for activity, gestures and recognition.
  • To detect if a person has fallen down or is sick.
  • It can autonomously teach proper work out regimes, sport techniques and dance activities.
  • Help monitor enhance performance in sports
  • It can understand full-body sign language (ex: Airport runway signals, traffic policemen signals, etc. )

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