Health Care

In Healthcare there are many problems which can be solved using Computer Vision and Image analytics. For solving pains and problems we use a bit different approach in implementing Machine Learning model to derive the results from the image sand videos without saving them and predicting the happenings of acute and short-term events .

We can examine the occurrence of 6 types of activities: sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, using bedside commode, getting assistance. We choose these activities because they are fundamental activities of daily living that span the majority of seniors’ activity in the environment, and patterns in these activities can provide clinically-relevant information regarding a seniors’ health

To give analytics to Nurse/doctor about the patient. One of the example is from sensors we can extract the data points of the particular patient and convert into 3d model skeleton . Which can further be used to either analyse the patient for future problems or for real time injuries This analytics can be easily integrated on our platform to extract the information and displayed on the output device in the form av actions and results.

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