Techonology can solve many things but not everything

Technology can really continue to help us in the real changes in society but Technology is not the answer to everything. It is us, how we choose and handle things, to dare to take risk and responsibility for our choices of what technology can help us make a better choice, how should we ensure our data security, etc. Technologies such as AI, ML Computer vision, Image analysis and infrastructure have opened up a lot of promising opportunities, which has also led to the emergence of a way of thinking that can best be described as “AI, ML solution”. This is the philosophy that with enough data, machine learning algorithms can solve all of humanity’s problems.

As humans, we can make judgments based on more than the production of machines. We often need to consider ethics, change priorities, strategy and much more before we come to what may be the right overall decision. In the plant processing case, for example, machine learning helped refine the data and place some potential risk objects and plans to help the farmer make decisions but we Human had to apply common sense to make the final call

There are many organizations, startups that really want to do and make a real difference to helping humanity but there are some who want to utilize technology (two sides of the coins, that’s it). It is based on your own values ​​and thought so unfortunately you will control systems that hack personal data and break it security or stop human development.

Think we should continue to protect humanity and continue to do so, but not by leaning back without moving forward, taking responsibility for the planet and by real impact we try to do if it is to promise to provide good service and solutions to customers or benefits that are chosen for consumers.

Take a moment and what is less talked about, but which is also important in your company and business.

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